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MSI Twin Shaft Mixers

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High volume Twin Shaft Mixer. High Speed Mixing, Fast Discharge, benefits included.

Mixing as little as 60 to 90 seconds

Ni-Hard Paddles, Liners
Ni-Hard liners in the mixing drum and Ni-Hard mixing blades/paddles and end wipers are abrasion resistant for long life and bolted in for easy replacement.

Air Purge Seals
Air purge shaft seals are installed on each shaft to prevent material inside the mixer from exiting through the mixer shaft opening. This seal design directs air around the mixer shaft and pushes air towards the material being mixed eliminating the use of grease and possible contamination of the concrete with excessive grease. There is a control panel that monitors the air system; if air pressure is too low it will prevent the mixer from starting, and during daily operation if the air is outside the specified operating parameters, it will sound a horn.

Mixer Cover
Mixer System has designed larger access doors for easier access and maintenance of the mixer. Included is a smaller inspection door with steel safety grid to keep hands and tools out of the mixer during operation. The mixer cover is pre-engineered for our Automatic Washout System.

Mixer Discharge Gate
The discharge gate is operated hydraulically using dual cylinders (one on each end of the mixer) for positive opening and closing. The gate is mounted using 4 bearings with stub shafts that bolt to the main door. The door is equipped with replaceable neoprene seals for ease of maintenance.

Drive Train
The drive package was designed with maintenance in mind. It’s contained in a single housing that can be easily maintained or removed if required. A single electric motor drives a common shaft which turns the large planetary transmission. The planetary transmissions are part of our family of drives, that are common to all of our mixers. These drives have shown durability over the 20 plus years of use in our product line and we continue to use these drives for their proven reliability.

Safety interlocks are at each access point to prevent startup if the mixer is not set for safe operation and will turn the power off to the mixer if an access door is opened during a running cycle. (Always use lockout/tag out procedures when accessing the mixer).

Mixing Tank
Drains have been added at the end of each mixing tub to empty excess water after washout/cleaning.

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Item #


Mixer Motor Power

Motor Power

Mixer Shaft Speed

Total # of Mixing Paddles

Total # of Wall Scraper Blades

TS 4.0 16000 lb
200 hp 5 hp 24 rpm 14 4
TS 6.0 24000 lb
250 hp 5 hp 24 rpm 18 4
  Results 1 - 2 of 2 1 
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